A word to the models

Just as photographers constantly work on improving their craft, knowing their best photo is yet to be taken, it is those they collaborate with - especially the models - who help bring these ideas to life.

This collaboration is enormously satisfying as things are almost always better than the sum of the parts. Models share a passion and energy for their craft, and the very best and perfectionists that worry an idea into shape. Maybe it is a toe that is not aligned with the direction of the foot, or perhaps it is a jump that isn’t as expressive as they know they can do, it’s this attention to details that great models have as their default working ethic.

When other helpers are involved, from make-up artists to studio assistants and prop makers, it’s like a crew of like-minded creatives that work together with a common goal. This is where storyboards and inspiration images come into play, they become tools for conversation and developing the vision of the shoot. Frequently models contribute additional inspiration material, and things snowball from there.

So, thank you to models past and future. This work reflects the enormous contribution you bring to the stage. It reflects your hard-earned experience and the photos are all the better for it - you make it so.

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